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Vale discloses 2016 Annual Sustainability Report

Vale has just released its 2016 Annual Sustainability Report, prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The mining company has been accountable to society over the last ten years, disclosing its achievements and challenges in environmental, social and economic areas.

To celebrate this milestone, the mining company launched a special webpage which brings its main success cases over the last 10 years. Among them, the deployment of S11D, the largest mining complex of Vale's history; the New Direction (Novo Rumo) Project, which contributes to the income generation of families through family farms; the diversity and social inclusion campaign promoted internally; the Sustainable Waste Disposal Program in Minas Gerais, among others.

According to GRI, there is an increasing number of companies that follow the development guidelines for sustainability reports established by the global institution. More than 60 countries currently follow those guidelines. But, after all, what is the purpose of sustainability reports?

The document is currently used by companies as the main tool for the development of a strategic management focused in the fiture, because it brings information on positive and negative sustainability impacts caused by the company and external factors.

The sustainability report also works to facilitate the dialogue between companies and shareholders, therefore contributing for the identification of risks and opportunities. In addition, it can cause changes in the behavior and mentality in companies, since it shows what is really important for business in an ever-changing world, which demands from companies actions not only in economic area, but also in environmental and social ones.

Chat about the importance of sustainability reports

Speaking of sustainability...one of Vale's podcasts brings an interview with the Press & Sustainability Officer of BM&F Bovespa, Sonia Favaretto. She talked about the relevance of sustainability reports, and what the main challenges are for companies when reporting their social-environmental actions. Listen here.


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Vale discloses 2016 Annual Sustainability Report