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Vale donates area to industrial district and University Center in Maranhão

The municipality of Canaã dos Carajás will receive an area that will be transformed into an industrial district and University Center. The space, where the pre-assembly of the S11D Plant was performed, was donated by Vale through an agreement signed between the mining company and the city hall on October 25th. The area, which already has the electrical, hydraulic, sanitary and paving infrastructure, will generate job opportunities, income and development for the city.

With the infrastructure already in place, the district will allow the attraction of industries and service companies. It will also facilitate the installation of companies dedicated to the reuse of waste, as well as the mobilization of micro and small companies in associations and industrial cooperatives.

The new area will generate job opportunities, income and development for Canaã dos Carajás - Photo: Janine Cidreira

According to the executive manager of Community Relations, João Coral, the donation reflects the importance of mining for the region. “Through this institutional partnership, it will be possible to multiply the positive effects of mining on the local economy. It is more of an investment in development that the deployment of the S11D leaves as legacy for the city”.

The mayor of Canaã dos Carajás, Jeová Andrade, said that the commitment of the city hall is to establish partnerships for local development. “It is another important step that we take towards the diversification of our municipality, to ensure the growth of the city in a sustainable, planned way and with the potential generation of employability of our population, job opportunities, income and other benefits for the whole society with a long-term vision”, he highlighted.

Vale and sustainability

Sustainability is a constant pursuit in the decisions made by Vale. For this reason, the company acts with conscience and social, environmental and economic responsibility throughout the life cycle of its enterprises. Besides the management of risks and impacts of its operations, projects and value chain, the company maintains partnerships with society and the public power to collaborate with the socioeconomic and environmental development of the territories where it operates.

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Vale donates area to industrial district and University Center in Maranhão