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Iron ore value chain receives a Global Integrated Operations Centre

The IOC brings together the entire iron ore chain, more integrated, agile and strategic / Vale Archive

Vale inaugurated a new stage in the management of the iron ore chain: the Global Integrated Operations Center (IOC Global). The inauguration was held in Nova Lima at the Aguas Claras Mine, Brazil, where CEO Fabio Schvartsman, Executive Directors Peter Poppinga, Luciano Siani Pires and Alexandre Pereira, as well as members of the IOC teams and the implementation project, attended the event.

The IOC brings together various functions of the iron ore chain, such as planning, scheduling and control, promoting collaboration, efficiency and alignment with the company's strategy, allowing it to act in a more agile way given the dynamism of the current market.

IOC Employees Present Panels and Systems to the CEO and Executive Directors / Vale Archive

We are talking about a new process, a new way of working. With the IOC we have visibility of the whole and thus we have had better results for the whole iron ore business”

Vagner Loyola, director of the Ferrous Value Chain

See below what our Executive Directors had to say about the Global Integrated Operations Centre:


The Global Integrated Operations Center is a great example of innovation. A new impetus in the automation of the company, which involves Information Technology, with the direct support of the operation."

Peter Poppinga, Executive Director of Ferrous and Coal


This project is the result of a strong sense of ownership, focus, competence and teamwork. There are many small things that occur on a daily basis that we can use to build change. Working in this way generates good and sustainable results. Today we are celebrating a beautiful example of cultural change."

Alexandre Pereira, Executive Director of Business Support


We have seen in recent years that mining and technology coexist. Examples like the Virtual Reality Center and now the Global Integrated Operations Center. The IOC is a milestone for our use of technology within the business, not only in planning and programming, but also in operation and maintenance."

Luciano Siani, Chief Executive Officer


Iron ore value chain receives a Global Integrated Operations Centre