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Vale informs on Forquilha IV dam

Vale informs that triggered today, in a preventive form, the Level 1 emergency protocol at the Forquilha IV dam, located at Fábrica Mine, at Ouro Preto (MG), which in accordance with the National Mining Agency (ANM), it does not require evacuation of the downstream population.

The decision is a preventive measure stemmed from Vale's own assessment, in agreement with external inspection bodies, due to an anomaly identified during the routine inspection. In the light of the facts, the expectation is that the structure will have its Statement of Condition of Stability (DCE) changed to negative. The Forquilha IV dam has not received tailings since February 2019.

The Level 1 emergency protocol of Forquilha IV dam does not impact production plan for 2019 and the plan to resume the production of approximately 50 Mt remains unchanged, as presented in the Vale's Performance in 3Q19 Report, as it does not consider the disposal of tailings in the structure in the coming years.

Vale informs on Forquilha IV dam