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Vale informs on protest at Vale New Caledonia site

Vale informs that the Vale Nouvelle-Calédonie S.A.S. (VNC) site has been safely evacuated following a night of protests at and near the site by independence activists in New Caledonia.

The plant is currently under the protection of the Gendarmes (military forces) and operations have been halted until safe work and community conditions prevail. Thanks to the exceptional commitment of our employees and Gendarmes, there were no injuries, no environmental damage and no industrial accidents. The operations are being shut down in a safe and controlled manner.

On December 8th Vale signed a binding put option agreement for the sale of its ownership interest in VNC, which is backed by both the Caledonian and French governments and was approved by the VNC workers' council.

Vale reaffirms its commitment to the safety and protection of VNC's employees and community partners while unconditionally supporting efforts for a peaceful solution and repudiating the violence.

Vale informs on protest at Vale New Caledonia site