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Vale Is One of the Most Transparent Companies in Mozambique

Vale's actions were recognized as one of the most transparent in the mining industry in Mozambique. This assessment was made by the Center for Public Integrity (CIP), a Mozambican non-governmental organization, which has just released the Extractive Industry Transparency Index (ITSE, Índice de Transparência do Setor Extrativo) 2019-2020. In this report, CIP points out that "there are companies, such as Vale in Mozambique, with a significant and above-average level of global transparency."

In the ranking of the 12 companies analyzed, Vale is always among the first companies classified as the most transparent organizations regarding corporate and environmental governance. In the overall result, Vale was the second most transparent company and “is proud for the recognition of its daily efforts and work to do more and better for the communities surrounding its operations, thus, contributing to the development of the country.”

This report is based on a ranking of companies from the mining and oil industries (domestic and foreign), taking into account the taxation, social, governance, and environmental aspects. The purpose is to evaluate the levels of transparency of companies regarding the sharing of useful information about their investments in Mozambique, based on international analysis criteria.

Moatize Mine

Eleven million metric tons per year is the capacity for coal production at Moatize mine, in the province of Tete, in Mozambique. To better respond to the demand for coal processing, we have invested in the construction of the largest coal enrichment plant in the country.

Vale Is One of the Most Transparent Companies in Mozambique