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Vale launches new edition of the Reparation Report

Reparation report cover image. In the photo, we have a resident who collects seeds.  

Last Friday (10), Vale released the new edition of the Reparation Report. The publication provides an account of the progress made in the second half of 2021 on the company's performance to fully make the reparation of the damage caused by the collapse of B1 Dam in Brumadinho and by the emergency evacuations.

“Our commitment at Vale is to focus on people, safety and reparation. We are committed to building a more humane, safer and increasingly sustainable Vale, putting people at the center of our decisions”, says the president of Vale, Eduardo Bartolomeo.

On the Report, the company shares training projects, support for entrepreneurship and promotion of local tourism, initiatives to restore normality to evacuated communities and actions that aim at going beyond financial reparation, reaching areas such as health, education and citizenship.

In addition, the steps taken in relation to environmental reparation – reforestation and animal welfare in Brumadinho – and infrastructure are subjects covered in the publication.

"We remain committed to the fulfillment assumed from the first moment, which is integral reparation, that is, taking care of those affected, improving local infrastructure, reactivating the economy, valuing nature and tourism and caring for the memory of the victims", emphasizes the director of Reparation and Development Marcelo Klein.

One of the main highlights addressed is the Reforestation Project, which aims at recovering, within 10 years, approximately 297 affected hectares, 140 of forest area. Since 2019, around 600 kg of fruits and seeds of 80 different species have been collected. As a result, 200,000 seedlings were produced and are being slowly planted in affected areas and compensation areas.

To know all the actions and check details about the progress of the reparation process, access the special page on the subject, by clicking here.


Vale launches new edition of the Reparation Report