Vale Sand


Vale Sand


At Vale, there are great investments in R&D because we are here to improve life and transform the future together!

By combining innovation and sustainability, Vale Sand brings benefits to neighboring communities, to the environment and promotes the generation of new businesses. Vale Sand comes from the processing of iron ore and stands out for its chemical uniformity, particle size and absence of organic matter. Vale Sand is considered a fine aggregate, with fine particle size and with its composition mainly constituted by quartz.

Characteristics suitable for various applications

We contribute to the reduction in the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources by transforming the mining co-product into sustainable sand.

Vagão carregado de areia

Infrastructure and logistical expertise are our differential

Vale has access to an enormous multimodal logistics network that integrates its mines with railroads, various terminals and ports, ensuring a broad reach in different markets, efficiency and safety in the product transport.

This logistical infrastructure covers states such as Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Brasília - DF, Bahia, among others, with a vast fleet of railroad cars, locomotives and terminals.

Material characteristics

Vale Sand has color and characteristics similar to other aggregates.

Organic matter
Lighter (<300 ppm)
Specific mass
2,6 - 2,8 g/cm³
Fineness Module
0,30 - 0,70
Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity
Potentially innocuous
Maximum Diameter
0,3 - 0,6 mm
Powder material (Pass through the 200# sieve - 75μ)
20 - 35%
Clay clumps
80 - 92%
5 - 14%

Particle size distribuition


Performance Validation

An environment of open innovation was created, with more than 25 universities, laboratories and companies, in which approximately R$ 50 million have already been invested to study and evaluate Vale Sand's technical performance in various applications. Among these partners are UNIFEI, CEFET-MG, USP, UFMG, UFU, IPT, CTSS.




Vale Sand can be used in all types of concrete, both conventional and pumped concrete. Its physical characteristics can bring several benefits, such as the gain in mechanical strength of concrete.

Use in concretes of different classes and consistencies

Use in concretes of different classes and consistencies

Conventional or pumped concrete

Conventional or pumped concrete

Self-adensable concrete

Self-compacting concrete

Tests on concrete specimens

Tests on concrete specimens


Vale Sand