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Video rescues memories of Itabirito in commemoration of the anniversary of the city

Crédito: Arthur Seabra
Photo credits: Arthur Seabra

In every place and every corner, a memory, an emotion. As the former residents of Itabirito, in Minas Gerais, guarantee, those who arrive in the municipality do not want to leave. And they are not few.

In September, Itabirito turned 94 years old. In commemoration of the anniversary of the municipality, Vale produced the video Reencontros [Reunions]. In the video, local residents tell their affective memories, sharing the places that marked a special moment of their lives.

Check out the video Reencontros:


Vale in Minas Gerais

Created by the Brazilian government, Vale was born in the city of Itabira, Minas Gerais, in 1942. Currently, it has offices and operations in more than 15 municipalities in Minas Gerais. One of its largest structures in operation is in the region known as Iron Quadrangle.

Empregados na mina Periquito, em Itabira 
Employees at the Periquito mine, in Itabira

The company operates six large mining complexes in the State, divided into South and Southeast Systems, with activities in more than 20 mines. One of them is the Itabiritos Complex. The region is responsible for supplying about 200 million tons of iron ore per year, which is equivalent to more than 60% of the annual production of the company’s main product.

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Tributes to cities

As a tradition, Vale seeks whenever possible to celebrate the anniversaries of the municipalities where it is present. Historically, there have been publicity campaigns, promotional actions and broadcasting on social networks. Paying tribute to the residents of the cities of which it is part is a way for Vale to recognize and value the memory and culture of the communities.

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Video rescues memories of Itabirito in commemoration of the anniversary of the city