Do you know what Vale produces? And what does it export most?

About Vale


Do you know what Vale produces? And what does it export most?

Vale is a company known worldwide. Many people know that it is a mining company, but not everyone knows details about its performance. After all, what does Vale produce? And what does it export most? Is Vale a state or private company? The answers to these questions are found below:

What is Vale?

Vale is one of the largest mining companies in Brazil and in the world. It is currently a private company listed on the Stock Exchange. Besides mining, it also operates in logistics, energy and steel making. Its mission is to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development. And it aims to reach the top place in the world ranking of natural resource companies in terms of creating long-term value with respect to people and the planet. Vale is present in about 30 countries.

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What does Vale produce?

Vale is a leader in the production of iron ore and pellets. By the way... did you know that Carajás iron ore – Vale’s largest operation – is considered the best quality iron ore in the world? By the way, do you know what pellets are and what they are for? In addition to Brazil, Vale has pellet plants in Oman and has a stake in joint ventures in China.

Vale also produces nickel, an essential ore in the production of items that go from the coins in your pocket to the car parked in your garage. Also included in this list are the coal, an essential input for the transformation of iron ore into steel, and copper, an element used in the generation and transmission of energy, in wiring and virtually all electronic equipment. The mining company still produces manganese - an item in the pile, ink, car and fertilizers - and ferroalloys, which are combinations of iron with one or more chemical elements.

The company invests in exploration projects that seek, in the four corners of the planet, places that shelter new mineral reserves. For the transport of the ore, Vale integrates mines, railroads, ships and ports in Brazil and in other countries.

The mining company also transports cargo to third parties and offers two passenger train lines in Brazil: on the Vitória-Minas Railroad and on the Carajás Railroad..

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What does Vale export?

Vale exports iron ore and pellets, being the largest exporter of these products in the world.

The company exports to the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Oceania. Its main buyers are the United States, Germany, France, England, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, China, South Korea and Japan. Vale has infrastructure in Brazil, Indonesia, Mozambique, Oman, the Philippines and Argentina.

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Vale’s history

Vale was born on June 3, 1942. It was the small Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, which came up with a capital of 200 thousand contos de réis. The company grew, matured and, after 75 years, it became what it is today.

Vale is present in the history of many families who have been working in the mining industry for generations. Get to know stories of the several generations that have passed through the company during these 75 years.

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Do you know what Vale produces? And what does it export most?