Women in Science: learn about the history of 4 employees who reinforce that the scientific community is for everyone

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Women in Science: learn about the history of 4 employees who reinforce that the scientific community is for everyone

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on February 11, Vale reinforces its commitment to promote gender equality in all its operations, levels and countries. The day is also an opportunity to reinforce that women can work wherever they want, including in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), sectors that are still mostly male.

That's why we have selected four women who act in the company at Brazil, Malaysia and China, on research and innovation areas, to represent all the female team that helps daily to build a more sustainable company and an inclusive environment for all.

Michelle, Vera, Nor Shazeera and Tereza talked about their careers, the main challenges in their field and the perspectives on their profession and future.

Michelle Marques

With 15 years of history in the company, Michelle Marques has already worked in several strategic projects for Vale. Among them, Greenfield, Brownfield and due dilligence. Today, the master in Mineral Technology is responsible for the development of new technologies aiming at increasing productivity and reducing risks in the iron ore treatment process.

Michelle is also in the group that helped develop two processes, patented internationally by the company, that reduced the need for water to process the ore, contributing to Vale's goal of increasingly sustainable mining.

According to Michelle, even with so many advances, there are still barriers to the presence of women in mining, ranging from access to university to people who do not believe that women have the same capacity as anyone.

“For the women who dream about Vale, I say it is a company I am proud to be part of! It is committed to acting correctly, full of opportunities and challenges. So, be protagonists of your own life and make your dreams come true, because we have a lot to contribute.”

Michelle Marques

Vera Zhao

Working at Vale for 2 years, Vera Zhao has a degree in Finance and Applied Mathematics. She started her career in the financial sector and then migrated to the asset management area.

The Chinese believes that the path for women newcomers to the field of science is to always seek to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge.

"Having women in a profession previously dominated by men can broaden the concept of diversity and potentially bring more solutions."

Vera Zhao

Tereza Cristina Giannini

A trained biologist, Tereza Cristina Giannini has been an Adjunct Researcher in the research line “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services” at Instituto Tecnológico Vale for 6 years.

In her daily life, Tereza works with conservation, restoration and management of nature. Despite knowing that there is still much to be done for gender equality in the sciences, the biologist believes that reality is changing. She says that in 2019 she participated in a congress that had the same number of women and men.

"I believe that the diversity of views, which involves multiple perspectives, including here not only women, is fundamental for a more comprehensive perception of the problems to be faced in the various areas of knowledge, and for the construction of more inclusive paths.

Tereza Cristina Giannini

Nor Shazeera Ameera

Yes! I’m a woman in Vale and this is who I am. With 6 years at Vale Malaysia, Nor Shazeera Ameera Binti Mat Zaini works in the maintenance planning department.

For her, representation matters because when there is a visibility of what women do in companies like Vale, the society’s mindset will also change with time.

“I believe that with our individual strength as a woman, combined with our passion and effort to succeed, nothing is impossible – and we can achieve anything."

Nor Shazeera Ameera Binti Mat Zaini

Diversity & Inclusion

At Vale, the goals of diversity and inclusion are also aligned with the UN SDG. The company believes that science and gender equality contribute to the sustainability of the business, improving performance and positioning it for new opportunities. Therefore, one of Vale's objectives is to double the female workforce by 2030, and part of the company's revenue was destined to maintain institutions focused on research and development of projects in the area of innovation.


Women in Science: learn about the history of 4 employees who reinforce that the scientific community is for everyone