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About Vale



Why do we exist?

Vale exists to improve life and transform the future. Together.

We believe mining is essential to the world’s development. We only serve society when we generate prosperity for all and take care of the planet.  

This is our purpose.   

Serve society, giving back to everyone

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Let’s do it together

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Use Vale's mobilizing capacity to do something extraordinary

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Transforming the future, taking care of the present

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What do we believe in?

What do we believe in?   

We believe that life is more important than material results and goods, and we incorporate this vision in our business decisions.

Act with Integrity  

We build relationships od trust and we promote open and transparent communication, acting with respect and integrity.

Value the people who build our Company  

We trust people, and together we build a work environment admired by all. We seek lifelong learning and personal growth.   

Making it happen   

We are engaged, responsible and disciplined about generating results and overcoming challenges. We act in the pursuit of excellence, being sustainable and reliable.

Respect our planet and communities

We are committed to economic, social and environmental development in our business decisions.