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Since 2019, we have carried out several actions to mitigate, make the reparation and support communities and people affected by the B1 dam failure.

Our commitment at Vale is to focus on people, safety and reparation. We are committed to building a more human, safer and increasingly sustainable Vale, putting people at the center of our decisions.

We work daily to fulfill the mission of fully making the reparation of the damage caused to people and territories by the B1 breach and emergency evacuations. Over these nearly three years, in addition to indemnities and the Comprehensive Reparation Agreement, we made progress in the areas of health care for those affected, training and mentoring for residents to work in new and existing businesses, in addition to advances in the environmental area.

Our structuring actions have evolved in all territories. We recognize, however, that dissatisfactions persist, and we seek to learn from them. We keep an eye out for the needs of the residents. We evolved in the execution of projects and delivered new or renovated public equipment, essential to the communities. In the territories where emergency evacuations took place, based on dialogue with residents, we continued to advance in the construction and execution of Compensation and Development Plans.

"We remain committed to the fulfillment assumed from the first moment, which is integral reparation, that is, taking care of those affected, improving local infrastructure, reactivating the economy, valuing nature and tourism and caring for the memory of the victims."

- Marcelo Klein
Special Director of Reparation and Development..

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Vale seeks comprehensive reparation and the well-being of affected people through transformative and lasting actions.

The well-being of the affected people is our main focus. In addition to financial compensation, we offer structuring projects in health, education, citizenship and actions that can help families in their processes, giving new meaning to their lives.

Administrative employee Flávia Lerma is one of nearly 4,000 people who have already been assisted by the Comprehensive Assistance Program for People Affected (PAIA) offered by the company. Flávia had to leave her home in Macacos, in Nova Lima, for safety reasons. After receiving her compensation, she started receiving the support from financial educators to organize her finances, as well as support from lawyers and architects to look for, choose and buy her new property. In addition to financial consultancy, the program provides psychosocial assistance, support for buying real estate and reactivate business, which goes beyond the financial compensation received.

“I really had no control over my financial life, I learned a lot. Not only for the purchase of my property, but for everything. This program helped me a lot, not only to organize my financial life, but also to buy my property, ensuring that I was safe when purchasing it and that I wouldn't have any future problems. I started with the financial education course. In eight meetings, I learned to save and invest”.

- Flávia Lerma.

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Continue working for the economic development of the regions affected.

Our work aims at economically developing the regions affected by the B1 Dam collapse and the evacuation of territories is our priority. Through training projects, supporting entrepreneurship and promoting local tourism, we encourage the creation of business fronts and the strengthening of existing production chains, thus contributing to increase the population's family income and diversify the economy.

Maria de Lourdes Almeida, resident of Parque da Cachoeira, in Brumadinho, has reasons to be proud: she completed the Civil Construction Officer course and had her house renovated in the Yara Tupynambá Project. Like Ms. Lourdinha, another 143 residents of Parque da Cachoeira, Cantagalo and Córrego do Feijão graduated from professional qualification courses held by the Yara Tupynamba Institute. In addition to learning, the students chose 232 houses to be renovated by the Project and built 230 gardens to be planted. The Project started at the end of 2019 and ended in September 2021.

“It's the biggest emotion we have when we learn things, because you know you were able to do that there. I went to fight and won” – Lourdinha Almeida, student of the Yara Tupynambá Project and resident of Parque da Cachoeira, in Brumadinho.

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Environmental recovery keeps advancing

From seed to seed, with the use of innovative and sustainable techniques, the recovery of areas degraded by the dam collapse continues advancing. You will see how we evolved in the actions for reforestation in Brumadinho and the importance of wild animals in this process.

“I am very happy as a seed collector, as they say on the farm. All the knowledge I have was acquired through years of experience and observation. I never went to college. Today I work with biologists and teachers. The seed has its value. It is a product of the forest and preserves nature.”

- Salvador da Silva, seed collector and resident of Brumadinho.

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Social and urban infrastructure works

Part of the impact compensation process, the works are defined from the active listening of communities and partnerships with public authorities, with a focus on improving the quality of life and collective well-being.

Among the various works completed or in progress, the asphalt paving, drainage and traffic signaling works have been completed on approximately 2km of Rua Amianto, the road that connects the community of Pires to the center of Brumadinho. The remaining small stretch, 400 meters, is within the community and will receive an interlocking floor, as well as the other internal streets of Pires. This initiative is part of the compensation actions defined through dialogue with communities and municipal management to improve the population's safety and quality of life.

“The asphalt was wonderful for everyone; it facilitates for us to walk around. The road is clean, with visible signs, road bumps, cat’s eyes. I can only thank you for your kindness and dedication, because even the way of working has affection involved. Now we can even go for a walk without getting our feet dirty.”

– Maria Aparecida Silva Benevides, resident of Pires, in Brumadinho.

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Territorial Compensation and Development Plans

The results of the Compensation and Development Plans are already being reaped from the joint effort with the government and communities affected by emergency evacuations and preventive relocations.

In addition to building and renovating public facilities, we continue to invest in projects to strengthen local social organizations, diversifying sources of income and encouraging new business fronts. In parallel to this, we maintain our commitment to increase the safety of communities, intensifying preventive, corrective and monitoring actions in our structures. One of the main milestones in this process is the elimination of upstream dams, which continue to advance in the territories.

"It was very quiet indoors and the Grocery course was excellent for me! I learned new recipes and met different people. It's good for us to produce our own food instead of buying industrialized products It's healthier and we save money.”

- Dulce Arcanjo Rodrigues Marques, project participant.

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