What do we do?

We are one of the world’s largest mining companies. We are leaders in the production of iron ore, pellets and nickel. We also have major operations in the areas of logistics, power and steelmaking.


We are the largest producer of iron ore, pellets and nickel. We also produce manganese, ferroalloys, copper, gold, silver, cobalt and fertilizers.

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To guarantee speed and safety in the transportation of our minerals, we have an integrated system of mines, railways, ships and ports. We are a leader in the provision of logistics services in Brazil and the country’s largest exporter.

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To support our operations and meet our demands, we invest in power generation, especially hydropower.

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We operate in the global steel market through joint ventures. In Brazil, our home country, our investment in steelmaking is in line with our strategic plan.

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across the world

We are present in 27 countries with different operations and activities.

Carajás S11D
Iron Project

We are working to generate prosperity, with social responsibility and respect for the environment.

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We operate railways in Brazil and other countries, responsible for transporting our operational site´s output to global markets.

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The ports operated by Vale are ready to accommodate all kinds of ships, taking our products across the world.

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