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Our Brazilian portfolio consists of three small hydroelectric power plants and participation in three hydroelectric plant consortia and in two power generation companies. Browse this page to learn more about these businesses.

Generation companies

Aliança Geração

Aliança Geração de Energia was established from a partnership between Vale and Cemig to operate in the energy industry in Brazil. With commercial operations starting in 2015, Aliança has become one of main private power generation companies in the country.

*Number refers to Aliança Geração´s participation in the business

hydroelectric power plants – wholly owned or in consortia

of installed wind capacity

of installed capacity*

Vale and 45% Cemig – ownership structure

Aliança Norte Energia

As the result of a partnership between Vale and Cemig, Aliança Norte holds 9% of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant. The plant is located in the state of Pará and comprises Pimental (233MW) and Belo Monte (11,000MW) sites. It is the largest 100% Brazilian hydroelectric plant and the fourth largest in the world.

*Numbers refer to Aliança Norte’s participation in the business

of Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant

guaranteed power output*

of installed capacity*

Vale and 49% Cemig – ownership structure

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