Valemax X-Ray

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46.000 tons of steel 125.000 liters of paint in construction
Basement walls reinforced to withstand the pressure of the load. 400 thousand tons of load. Enough to build 400 thousand cars.
7 tanks Each has the size of a tennis court.
65m wine - Its surface is the size of three football fields. Or even a de 22-floor building.
362 meters It can be compared to 26 popular cars lined up or the height of the Eiffel Tower which is 324 meters.
Propeller with 10.3m diameter.
22 people make up the crew, the same as a small-sized commercial ship.
30 thousand horsepower With 7 cylinders and 4.6 m high, its main engine has about 20,000 m³.
Average speed of 15 knots, which is similar to 28km/h.
16 billion thons loaded per hour and in two days fully loaded.