Pelleting Plant 8


Pelleting Plant 8

Located in Vitória (ES), Plant 8 is an achievementthat allows us to share a sustainable future with all the people of Espírito Santo and Brazilians in general. With the opening of the Plant, Espírito Santo consolidates itself as the state that produces and exports the most pellets in the world.

  • Supplied with natural gas

  • Reuse of water

  • Wind fence:
    Wind barriers block the dust generated by the movement of the pellets
    from being thrown into the air

  • Electrostatic precipitators:
    Equipment that captures gases and polluting particles and releases
    clean gas into the atmosphere

  • Dust suppressors:
    Product applied to the pellets that stops dust being produced

What are Pellets?

Pellets are small balls of iron ore used in the production of steel. They are made with technology that uses the powder that is generated during the ore extraction process, once considered waste.

What are they used for?

Pellets are used in the production of steel which is used in the construction of bridges, cars, planes, bicycles, household appliances and more.

But, before this, the ore passes through a blast furnace that only works when air can circulate freely. For this reason, the material needs to be big enough so that there are spaces between each piece.

On top of this, the ore needs to be strong enough not to be crushed thereby obstructing the blast furnace. Thus, the production of pellets is fundamental to the steel production process.

This is the function of Vale's New Pelleting Plant which will generate wealth and contribute to the development of Espírito Santo and Brazil.