​​​ Vale Botanic Park in Vitória


Vale Botanic Park in Vitória

Parque Botânico vale - EN

Founded in May 2004, the Botanical Park is part of Vale's Green Belt - in Vitória, State of Espírito Santo. It is a space for leisure and experiencing nature, consisting of 81.5 acres of Atlantic Forest, where 140+ tree species can be seen, and is visited by migratory bird species, otters, and amphibians, such as the broad-snouted caiman.

The activities available at the park were developed based on a solid Environmental Education Program, which provides visitors with an educational experience. It is also a leisure alternative for the residents of Greater Vitória.

In the Park, the whole community and visitors are welcome.


Entering the Park with bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters, drones, and other similar equipment is prohibited, as well as using balls in the Park area.

Consuming alcoholic beverages is not allowed.

Bathing suits are not allowed in the Park.

Celebrations of any kind that do not comply with the picnic rules in the Park are not allowed.

Pets are not allowed in the Park.

General and specific rules

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The scheduling of visits is temporarily suspended.

Eco Trails

On Vale Botanical Park’s Eco Trails, you can go hiking, contemplating native species. ​

Know Our Spaces

Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is primarily intended to sharpen the five senses: touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight, through contact with plants. The sensations caused by this interaction allows you to know the delicacy and fragility of most of the plants on display. We hope it provides a feeling of attachment and care for the environment. It’s also an attraction recommended for people with disabilities (PWDs).


The Botanical Park is an excellent option for gathering the family and friends on a picnic. There, you find a large green area, with lawns and trees for your group to enjoy. Just provide the food of your choice, a very large towel, mats or sarongs, and enjoy.

Celebrations such as birthdays are allowed, as long as you follow certain restrictions. These include: using balloons of any kind, decorative wooden crates and pallets, candles; using the park trees to support objects; or hiring a private recreation service and the like are not allowed.

Another important tip: sometimes marmosets visit the picnic area. So be careful, as all foods are unsuitable for the animals living in the Park. Do not feed them.

Orchid Nursery

The park’s orchid nursery features a wide variety of orchid types, and each species requires specific care. There we can reproduce different types of climate and cater to specific humidity, ventilation and light exposure requirements.

Visits Tuesday through Sunday, from 9 am to 12 pm, and from 2 pm to 4:50 pm.

Knowledge Car

Build and strengthen the habit of reading, awakening the capacity for imagination, creativity, and dissemination of culture to the population. This is what the Knowledge Car is about. It’s an important project at Vale Botanical Park, working as a library with a capacity for 3,500 copies. From technical content on mining to the environment, the books tell about Vale’s history and production process. The collection also includes audiobooks, as well as works for children and teenagers. Come and see!

Our Mascots

Our wildlife and flora
Environment and mining
Environmental Education Program

Our wildlife and flora

In today’s context of urban development in the Vitória zone, Vale Botanical Park plays an important role in the conservation of native wildlife and flora. There, we can currently find 21 species of amphibians, 14 species of reptiles, 131 species of birds, 5 species of wild mammals, and 7 species of bats. It is mainly a place to relax, unwind, rest, chat, all in a safe environment, with quality infrastructure, in the middle of nature.

Environment and mining

Mining is an essential activity for modern life. From cell phones to airplanes, from building structures to coins, ores are ingredients for several key items for our daily life.

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Environmental Education Program

Through the Park, we want to stimulate interest and raise awareness about the importance of preserving and conserving the Environment in communities. The Environmental Education program is intended to spread knowledge and sustainable attitudes based on participation, involvement and social sustainability, within a contextualizing perspective on the Environment, leaving a positive legacy for the present and future generations.

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33 hectares (81.5 acres) of land area
Atlantic Forest Conservation Unit
140+ species of trees
Our first tree was a brazilwood

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Come and visit us

Location: Av dos Expedicionarios, s/n, Jardim Camburi, Vitória-ES. CEP 29060-760

Come and visit us

Location: Av dos Expedicionarios, s/n, Jardim Camburi, Vitória-ES. CEP 29060-760

Opening Hours:

Tuesday through Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Information and booking:

(+55 27) 3333-6200

Admission is free.



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