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With the objective of preserving the Kanak languages, Vale has created teaching tools in partnership with the public authorities, teaching institutions and the local community. 

Preservation of the Kanak Languages of Southern New Caledonia

Vale contributes to the valorization and recovery of local cultures in the areas where it operates.

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  • Explore the nickel and cobalt mine on the Goro platform, situated in the south of La Grande Terre in New Caledonia.
  • There are 4,000 employees, 1,000 of which are direct employees (90% Caledonians), and 250 outsourced companies (2011).
  • A reforestation nursery was founded in 1996 (20 hectares were reforested in 2010 and 500,000 plants produced per year).
  • 65% of the water used in this procedure is recycled.

See how it was done:

  • Socioeconomic Study

    Concern towards the preservation of local languages was found among communities in the south of La Grande Terre during a socioeconomic study carried out by Vale in New Caledonia.
  • Three Local Languages

    Nââ numèè, nââ drubéa and nââ Kwényï form part of the 5,000 languages spoken across the world and need to be preserved.
  • Vale and Partner Institutions

    Vale listened to the community's concerns and has developed the preservation project in partnership with public authorities.
  • Two Years of Research

    Collection of linguistic and iconographic data was carried out together with members of the communities.


  • Boxes of games 600
  • Educational brochures 200
  • 1,000 posters
  • Games involving the species 200
  • Traditional tales 1

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So far, five posters were developed based on the fauna and flora of the southern island. Have a look at the work below:



Em idioma Numèè Triâ màrô

Em idioma Drubéa Tria merô

Em idioma Kwényi Trimwâ Merä



Em idioma Numèè Xéé iyarë

Em idioma Drubéa Xee iyarë

Em idioma Kwényi Xéé ko kumè


árvores e plantas

Em idioma Numèè Wèrè nge

Em idioma Drubéa De goo

Em idioma Kwényi Wèrè nge



Em idioma Numèè Xéé draa

Em idioma Drubéa Xee ne

Em idioma Kwényi Xéé dra



Em idioma Numèè Nge

Em idioma Drubéa Goo

Em idioma Kwényi Nge


Sustainable Development

A pact signed by Vale and the Kanak population established 3 sustainable development devices for the south of the island:

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Ensures the participation of community members in environmental monitoring of plant operations.
  • Reforestation

    An association was created for reforestation.
  • Social Projects

    Foundation responsible for the development of social initiatives with communities.