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Biodiversity as a Concept and a Practice

Read the opening message written by Alberto Ninio, Sustainability Director, and Gleuza Jesué, Environment Executive Manager at Vale.

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Production of Scientific Knowledge for the Country

Learn more about Vale Natural Reserve and two of the leading researches in the region – ecology & feline health and mammal conservation.

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RD&I Program for Recovery of Degraded Areas

Learn about monitoring surveys, recovery of native vegetation, definition of framework species, knowledge disclosure, and much more.

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Vale Celebrates the Production of Quality Scientific Research

View the winning cases of MAIS Bio award, which recognizes research, development, and innovation initiatives.

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Edição #2

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Biodiversidade: 40 anos
da ReservaNatural Vale

Special Articles

DNA Barcoding Enhances Knowledge of Species

Research carried out at Instituto Tecnológico Vale - Desenvolvimento Sustentável uses molecular tools to increase the speed of surveying biodiversity in regions that will be impacted by mining.

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Education and Qualification for Changes Focused on Sustainability

The biologist Vera Lucia Imperatriz Fonseca, researcher at ITV-DS, in Belém (Pará), is the Persona interviewed in this edition.

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What is MAIS Newsletter?

The MAIS Newsletter is a publication designed to disseminate the scientific research conducted by Vale and its partners in teaching and research institutions. Through it, it is possible to get to know innovative initiatives and also be able to contribute to the solution of important issues for the company today and in the future.