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About S11D

S11D Project

What is it?

Largest mining complex in Vale's history, the S11D Eliezer Batista Complex is an enterprise that integrates productivity with respect for people, and technology with environmental intelligence. In addition to increasing production in the state of Pará to 230 million metric tons per year, the project brings innovative solutions such as the truckless system, which replaces traditional off-highway trucks for conveyor belts and will reduce diesel consumption by about 70 percent. The dry processing (using iron ore's own natural moisture )will cut water consumption by 93% and it eliminates the need of tailings dams. Investments in innovation, combined with Vale's experience, enables a more efficient operation with less impact on the environment.

The project is located in the municipality of
Canaã dos Carajás, in southeast Pará.

The project in numbers

  • US$ 6,4 bilhões em investimentos

    US$ 14,3 billion

    in investments

  • 205.890 toneladas de montagem

    205,890 tons

    in assemblage

  • 109 módulos construídos

    90 million metric tons

    of iron ore is the enterprise’s annual production capacity

  • 66.7% iron content is the purity of the iron ore to be produced

    66.7% iron content

    is the purity of the iron
    ore to be produced

  • + 40,000 employees have worked in this project since 2010

    + 40,000

    have worked in this project since 2010

  • 1 mil hectares de floresta preservados


    acres protected by Vale

For me, seeing the completed S11D Complex means much more than witnessing a new landmark in the mining industry. Besides featuring cutting-edge technology, low costs and high productivity, the Complex expresses Vale’s ability to make things happen.”

Murilo Ferreira,
Chief Executive Officer, Vale

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S11D is above all a delivery for society, demonstrating that it is possible to combine mining and sustainability. We are taking the first big step in a journey that will last many years. Through S11D, Vale is opening up new opportunities for the next generations to continue to produce high-quality ore, while respecting people and the environment.”

Ricardo Saad,
Project Implementation Director, Vale

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It goes without saying that our truckless in-pit crushing and conveying system is the big news in the iron ore industry. There is nothing else like it operating on this scale in the current market. It is a challenging and innovative way of operating, which requires changes to mine maintenance and planning routines. For this reason, the training and preparation of teams at all levels continue to be vital factors for the success of the new operation.”

Galib Chaim,
Former Executive Director for Capital Projects, Vale

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The S11D will increase production capacity in the state of Pará to 230 million metric tons, about 53% above the volume of 2015.

The name S11D Eliezer Batista Complex is a tribute to the notable Brazilian engineer Eliezer Batista, our company’s CEO during two different periods contributing to our growth.

244,000 m³ of concrete used. That equals 4 Maracanã stadiums.

190,000 native seedlings were planted. That equals 2,300 soccer fields.

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Modularization allowed S11D structure to be assembled in an area about 40km away from the site of the plant
The truckless system replaces the traditional off-highway trucks and brings tremendous environmental gain
S11D is a global Project that brings together both the best professionals and the best equipment available
S11D was built in a place where there was nothing
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Avanço Tecnológico

Technological Advance

We are implementing on the S11D technological innovations that reinforce Vale’s commitment to sustainability and make the mine a reference in environmental terms.

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Avanço Socioeconômico

Social-economic Advance

S11D will positively impact the country’s trade balance and will give a new push to the economic and social development in the states of Pará and Maranhão.

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Abertura de vagas

Multimedia gallery

Check out some videos, photos and infographic about the project.

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