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Acquisitions and divestitures

Acquisitions and divestitures

On this page you can access a detailed report on our company’s acquisitions and divestitures.

Asset Business Date Total Payment
US$ million
Ferrous Iron ore Aug-2019 550
New Steel Dry ore processing technique Jan-2019 500
Capim Branco I and II Energy Mar-2013 112
Belvedere Coal Feb-2013 156
EBM Iron Ore Jun-2012 437 Acquisition of an additional 10.5% stake.
Carborough Downs Coal Feb-2012 69
Vale Fertilizantes Fertilizers Dec-2011 1.217 Acquisition of the free floating shares.
Terminal Ultrafertil - TUF Logistics Jun-2011 95 Acquisition of a 51% stake in the joint venture.
Norte Energia S.A. Energy Abr-2011 1.400 Acquisition of a 9% stake.
Biopalma Energy Feb-2011 174
FNS Logistics Dec-2010 893
SDNC Logistics Sep-2010 21
Simandou Iron Ore May-2010 500 First tranche, total of a US$ 2.5 billion.
Belvedere Coal Jun-2010 92 Additional participation of 24.5%.
Fertilizantes assets Fertilizers Jan-2010 / Dec-2010 5.829 Includes acquisition of 78.92% of Fosfertil, working capital adjustment and upstream assets in Brazil.
TK CSA Steel Sep-2009 681
Corumbá Iron Ore Sep-2009 814
Argos Coal Apr-2009 306
Teal Copper Mar-2009 65
Rio Colorado / Regina Potash Jan-2009 857
Apolo Iron Ore May-2008 128
Belvedere Coal Jul-2007 90
EBM / MBR Iron Ore May-2007 231
AMCI HA Coal Apr-2007 656
Ferro Gusa Carajás Pig Iron Mar-2007 20
Inco Nickel Nov-2006 18.243
Caemi Iron Ore & Kaolin May-2006 2.552 Stock swap
Rio Verde Iron Ore Jan-2006 47
Valesul Aluminum Jul-2006 28
Canico Nickel Dec-2005 800
FCA Raildroad Sep-2003 67
CST Steel Mar-2003 60
Rana Ferro Alloy Feb-2003 18
MVC Bauxite Jul-2002 2
Alunorte Alumina Jun-2002 42
Salobo Copper May-2002 51
Caemi Iron Ore & Kaolin Dec-2001 / Mar-2003 705
Sossego Copper Oct-2001 43
Ferteco Iron Ore & Pellets Apr-2001 566
GIIC Pellets Oct-2000 91
Samitri / Samarco Iron Ore & Pellets May-2000 710
Socoimex Iron Ore May-2000 48
Asset Business Date Total Payment
US$ million
Asset Eagle Downs (50% participation) Coal Sep-2018 117
Vale Cubatão Fertilizers May-2018 255
Lubambe Copper Dec-2017 42
Vale Fertilizantes Fertilizers Jan-2018 1,150 Also includes 34.2 million shares of Mosaic
2 VLOCs Logistics Dec-2017 178
2 VLOCs Logistics Aug-2017 178
Coal equity - Mitsui Coal Mar-2017 733
Capesize vessels Logistics Dec-2016 140
Salobo – Goldstream Copper Aug-2016 823
3 VLOCs Logistics Jun-2016 269
MBR preferred shares Iron ore Set-2015 1.072 Sale of 36.4% of MBR’s share capital for R$ 4 billion.
4 VLOCs Logistics Jul-2015 448
4 VLOCs Logistics May-2015 445
Belo Monte Energy Apr-2015 97
Salobo - Goldstream Copper Mar-2015 900
Fosbrasil Fertilizers Dec-2014 46
Vale Florestar Wood Jun-2014 90
Log-in Logística Logistics Dec-2013 94
Tres Valles Copper Dec-2013 25
Power Generation
Assets Reestructure
Energy Dec-2013 88
VLI ​​General Cargo​ Dec-2013 851
Fosbrasil Fertilizers Dec-2013 52
Oil and gas concessions Energy Nov-2013 8
Norsk Hydro Aluminum Nov-2013 1.811
VLI General Cargo Sep-2013 1.206
Salobo and Sudbury Gold Stream Feb-2013 1.900
Oil and gas concessions Energy Dec-2012 40
Araucária Fertilizers Dec-2012 234
Manganese Ferroaloys Europe Manganese Oct-2012 160
Oman (30%) Pellets Oct-2012 125
10 Ships large ore carriers Logistics Oct-2012 600
Thermal coal assets in Colombia Thermal coal May-2012 407 Includes 100% of El Hatillo and Carro Largo, 100% of Sociedad Portuária Rio Córdobo and 8.43% stake in Ferrocarriles Del Norte de Colombia S.A.
CADAM Kaolin May-2012 30
Alunorte, Albras, CAP e Paragominas Aluminum Feb-2011 503
Oman's minority holding Pellets Jan-2010 125
Bayovar's minority holdings Fertilizers Jan-2010 660
PPSA Kaolin Jan-2010 74
Valesul Aluminum Jan-2010 31
Mineral rights to manganese and iron ore ​Manganese Jan-2010 ​16
PCHs​ ​Energy ​Jan-2010 ​20
Inco Advanced Tech. Mat.​ Nickel​ Dec-2009​ 6​
Jinco​ Nickel​ Dec-2009​ 7​
INMETCO​ ​Nickel ​Dec-2009 ​34
PTI Nickel Aug-2009 88
Florest Assets​ Wood Jul-2009​ 43​
Usiminas Steel Abr-2009 273
Jubilee Niquel Feb-2008 130
Lion Ore​ ​Nickel ​Jul-2007 ​105
Log-In Logística Logistics Jun-2007 204
Siderar Steel Dec-2006 108
Usiminas Steel Nov-2006/May-2007 904
Gerdau Steel Oct-2006 67
GIIC Pellets May-2006 418
Foz do Chapecó Energy Feb-2006 4
NES Ferro Alloy Feb-2006 14
Quebec Cartier Mining Co.​ Pellets​ Jul-2005​ 126​
CST Steel Jun-2004 580
Fosfértil Fertilizers Oct-2003 84
Sepetiba Tecon / CFN Port/Railroad Sep-2003 7.4
Fazenda Brasileiro Gold Aug-2003 21
Florestas Rio Doce Wood May-2002 59
Docenave Ships Ships Sep-2001 60.5
Rio Doce Pasha Logistics Aug-2001 10
Cenibra Pulp Jul-2001 671
Bahia Sul Paper & Pulp Feb-2001 318
CSN Steel Dec-2000 249
Açominas Steel Dec-2000 10

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