Vale Vendor Portal
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Vale Vendor Portal

The new Vale Vendor Portal is in operation. The portal is a virtual space for marketing of products and services, making the interface between Vale and its suppliers, improving the integration throughout the purchasing process, from quotation to payment.

With the Vale Vendor Portal, we seek a nimbler and more efficient company and expect to bring more visibility into all the Supply process phases to our suppliers. The development of this new tool took into account the easiness for users and the transparency on the operations.

Download the quick guide of the Vale Vendor Portal (portuguese only)

The Portal offers a series of benefits:

  • Single and integrated platform: centralization of different procurement processes on a single platform;
  • Reduction of tax differences: integration with the tax optimization tool;
  • Visibility of the payment process: vendor receives the return with the payment status;
  • The platform can be accessed on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones;
  • Simpler and friendlier browsing: it follows the concepts used in social networks;
  • Support services in the use of platform for internal users and exclusive support channels for vendors.

In the process of transport to material suppliers, for example, the validation of electronic invoice (NF-e) is made before the creation of the collection request. This implies the reduction of the truck stay time at our facilities due to the decrease of different information in the NF-e. Thus, we managed to reduce the cost of the stay, the time spent in Vale for treatment of differences of NFs and, hence, the risk of late payment to our vendors, which can do a better financial planning.

For service providers, the Portal brings automation of the measurement process. The Vendor will be responsible for starting its measurement cycle directly on the new portal, and will be able to monitor the entire process, reducing the risk of payment delays increasing measurement process transparency.

Another advantage of the new environment is that the vendor can view all the details of the tax on the Portal. If it is identified that the information is wrong, the vendor may inform Vale before issuing the invoice. The vendor also has the status of visibility of scheduled payments, with online tracking and real-time payments programmed with Vale.

How can a vendor join the new Portal?

All guidelines about this process are in the Vendor's Adhesion Kit, which contains a document with frequently asked questions and a quick access guide.

Download the Vendor's Adhesion Kit (portuguese only)

Operational Measures Manual

Vale has prepared a manual to assist vendors with the transition of operatons from the Quadrem / Ariba Portal to Vale Vendor Portal. In the document, you can understand about the continuity of transactions and processes in progress.

Download the Operational Measures Manual (portuguese only)
Shipping company

This material explains the navigation in the six modules of the portal in the vendor's vision.

  • Certifies: how to register and join the platform
  • Negotiates: how to enter and view quotations (RFQ)
  • Purchases: how to view the purchase orders (PO)
  • Transports: how to track the transport of orders (tracking)
  • Pays: how to make the measurement of service requests, view invoices and track payments
  • IDF: how to view the notes of its assessments and generate action plans, if applicable

Download the Vendor Profile Navigation Manual (portuguese only)

This material explains the navigation in the two modules of the portal in the shipping company's vision.

  • Transports: how to receive transport requests and monitor demands
  • Pays: how to track payments

Attention: If the company is also a vendor, it is also necessary to check the Vendor Profile - Navigation Manual (portuguese only).

Download the Shipping Company Profile Navigation Manual (portuguese only)

This material explains the navigation in the portal for users with the administrator profile.

  • Registration of new users
  • Creation of list of participants
  • Change of permission
  • Activation and Deactivation of users
  • Definition of access hours

Download the Administrator Profile Navigation Manual (portuguese only)