Connect Challenge


Connect Challenge

Connect Challenge

We will activate the open innovation ecosystem to bring infrastructure and connectivity solutions inside the trains and stations where we operate, in order to support digital inclusion in more remote communities.

We want to accelerate the social development of users and communities around our railroads, promoting the ability to transform digitally excluded populations.

We have been closely following the scenario of the communities in which we operate, experiencing the challenge of the lack of access to internet networks on trains and stations.

Generally on long journeys, passengers do not have the opportunity to connect and take advantage of the moment to access content and knowledge of a personal and professional nature.

However, this railroad is, for the most part, outside the coverage area of ​​internet providers. Situation that occurs with many communities where the train passes.

We are looking for solutions capable of promoting connectivity in remote areas around Vale's railways and inside our trains.

I want to join forces with Vale to solve this challenge!

About the challenge

We are looking for solutions that are capable of meeting one or more of the demands below:

Technologies to ensure connectivity in remote areas

Software and hardware solutions capable of ensuring communication over long distances

Technologies for interaction and engagement with users

Innovative solutions for in-flight entertainment

Innovative ways of transmitting data to remote areas

New business models that enable the sustainable supply of connectivity networks

See the detailed briefing

What we offer


Mentoring throughout the process with The Bakery Open Innovation Consultancy, with personalized content according to the needs of each project, aiming at its development, in the form of a business with an innovative character and with positive impacts for society.

Value Connections:

In addition to mentoring, you will be in contact with a group of expert evaluators, partners, and other entrepreneurs, who aim to make the world more innovative.

Paid tests:

The companies chosen for the test and proof of concept phase will have a budget to work and execute their trials.

The process



The proponent must register his solutions from 09/01/2020 to 09/30/2020.



After the initial interviews, we will have the first session to select the solutions.


Pitch Day

Ideal test model presentations, and choose which ones will follow to the next phase.


Final evaluation

Presentations of the test results, and definition of the next steps.

Remember before you start:

You can download the editable application here to prepare and separate all the material before starting the registration.

It will not be possible to correct the application after sending it.

I want to solve this challenge!


Check out the main questions about the challenge

Is it necessary to have a business entity to submit the challenge proposal?

Yes. Only registered companies with a valid business entity number are allowed to submit their proposals.

Is it possible to submit more than one project with the same business entity number?

Yes. If the applicant submits more than one project, they need to bring different projects/initiatives. If one or more projects are selected in this call, it will not be allowed to transfer funds from one project to another. If the applicant submits the same project more than once, all projects will be disqualified. Projects from different business entities that are considerably similar and with identical submissions will be disqualified.

My proposal fits more than one briefing option, but it is not possible select multiple options on the form. What do I do?

Select the option that best fits your proposal. Put in the comments the other options that are also covered by your proposal.

Is it possible to make changes to the submitted form?

No, it is not possible to make changes to the form already submitted. It is also not possible to submit a new form with the same proposal, since in the case of duplicate and / or identical proposals, sent by the same or different bidders, all will be disqualified.

Is my solution suited to the challenge or is it interesting?

No proposal will be pre-evaluated by any channel other than the formal submission of the proposal. When in doubt, register your project and the committee will evaluate it in due course. All proposals submitted will be screened by the committees included in the Call and it is exclusively for the committees to analyze proposals. Vale, partners and their representatives will not issue any opinions that have not been prepared within the scope of the committees.

Is there a character limit on form fields?

Yes. The limit for open-ended questions is 1,000 characters.

What level of maturity is required to register my project?

The project must already have gone through a validation phase, that is, have at least a validated proof of concept and be ready for large-scale implementation.

Can registrations be made even on 09/30/2020?


Is project exclusivity required?

No. Each side will continue to be the exclusive owner of privileged, technical and technological information, which has already been developed or acquired before participating in this Call, whether or not they are protected by intellectual property rights. In addition, initiatives that have already been developed by the proponent and supported by other private companies, public agencies, non-profit entities, development agencies, among others, can be registered without any impediment.

Do you still have doubts about the process, the objectives of the challenge or if your solution fits the profile being selected?

Send an email to

We are supporting innovative ecosystems by accelerating technologies that can make a difference to social progress.

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