Sponsorship Requests


Sponsorship Requests

Solicitação de Patrocínio

Vale has a platform to receive sponsorship applications to build a project database. After the correct completion of the project data, the applicant will automatically receive the confirmation of registration by e-mail. Other returns will be given only in case of selection.

Prior to registering your project, read more about our focus of sponsorship activities in the areas of Culture and Technical-Institutional and our registration prerequisites.

Focus of sponsorship activity

Vale sponsors projects in two segments: Cultural and Technical-Institutional.

Cultural Projects

In the area of culture, our policy aims to value the culture of the territories where we are present, promoting cultural exchange between them and contributing to local development. In order to do this, we have established the following lines of action as our focus:

  • Promotion of Indigenous and Traditional Communities' Culture
  • Valuing Cultural Heritage and Identity
  • Musical Training
  • Access to Culture

Promotion of Indigenous and Traditional Communities' Culture

Documentation and dissemination of the culture, languages and knowledge of indigenous, quilombo, marshland, fishing and riverside communities.

Valuing Cultural Heritage and Identity Material Heritage

Supporting the restoration, conservation and promotion of listed buildings and rail, naval and archive heritage (archaeological, bibliographical or from museums or archives). Immaterial Heritage: support to traditional celebrations and projects to preserve registered assets such as national cultural heritage or traditional crafts. Support for the cultural mapping of the cities where Vale operates.

Musical Training

Support for musical (military) bands, brass bands and choirs. Support for musical training programs.

Accesso to Culture

Program that moves between Vale's areas and supports territories' parties and cultural events. Programming Vale Foundation's cultural equipment.

Technical and Institutional Projects

In the technical and institutional segment we support initiatives that develop knowledge and that are in synergy with our mission and values. These projects are linked to the sectors with which we work.

  • Mining
  • Logistics
  • Engineering
  • Environmental and sustainability actions
  • National representation initiatives

Related Sectors

Vale also supports projects for the technical and practical development of technical and institutional knowledge, whether through projects that are directly linked to our business or initiatives related to our mission and values. This segment highlights the investments made in environmental, social and technical areas linked to the company's business, among others.


Through the Sports Incentive Law, Vale prioritizes its sponsorship of sporting projects related to the Vale Foundation's Brasil Vale Ouro Program and actions aimed at the areas of influence of Vale's operational sites.

Sports projects

For sports projects, Vale sponsors, through the Sports Incentive Law, priority projects related to Brazil Vale Ouro program, from Vale Foundation, and projects for the areas of influence of our operations, focusing on educational sport and participatory sport.



  • Vale receives sponsorship applications exclusively by electronic means.
  • Only applications sent by legal entities will be accepted – limit of 3 (three) projects per applicant.
  • Projects should prioritize the following states: Espírito Santo, Maranhão, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Pará and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Cultural projects scheduled to commence less than six months after their initial registration date will not be accepted. In the case of projects consisting of various stages, such as itinerant actions, the analysis process will take into account the timeline required to complete the specific stage subject to possible sponsorship by Vale.
  • Cultural projects should preferably be enrolled under federal cultural promotion laws (the Rouanet Law or Audiovisual Law). However, to submit a project on this platform, it is not mandatory for it to have already been approved under these laws.

The project registration form is available in Portuguese only.

General Conditions
  • The purpose of this platform is to create a project database aligned with Vale's sponsorship guidelines. Subsequent partnership agreements will be dependent on the availability of resources at the conclusion of the analysis process.
  • Feedback on applications submitted will be forthcoming within 60 (sixty) days of registration.
  • The submission of projects does not guarantee their selection and implementation.


Do you still have questions? Contact us by email patrocinios@vale.com.