Vale Música

Vale Música

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A musical exchange program uniting children and adolescents that are passionate about concert music with the largest orchestras in the country. This is the idea of Vale Música program, a musical training initiative carried out by Vale in the states of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Pará.

The first year saw almost 1,000 children and adolescents joining the program, which included training courses, musical residency, and musical meetings held in partnership with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Ouro Preto Orchestra, and Banda São Sebastião.

Our Locations

Vale Música Belém (PA)

This initiative developed by Fundação Amazônica Música (FAM) has transformed the lives of public school students from the capital of Pará. The institution has qualified more than 1,000 professional musicians since its creation 15 years ago, and currently teaches music to 280 children and young people. The project includes a Young Orchestra, Choir, Recorder Group, Youth Symphony Band, Chamber Percussion Group, Violin Orchestra, and Young Adult’s Choir.

Vale Música Serra (ES)

Created in 2000 in the state of Espírito Santo, the project provides music education for 280 students aged between 7 and 23, at the Knowledge Center located in Serra and at Vale Botanical Garden in Vitória. In addition to discovering and developing several talents, it promotes personal and professional growth of students from the public school system of the greater region of Vitória. The initiative consists of a Youth Orchestra, Youth Chamber, Vale Music, Symphonic Band, Children's Choir,
and Vale Music Youth Choir.

Vale Música Brumadinho (MG)

The music hub in Brumadinho was inaugurated at the Knowledge Center in September 2019 and is operated by Vale Foundation. It offers choral singing as well as percussion and wind instrument classes for over 200 students aged between 6 and 18. Classes are taught by Banda São Sebastião, a traditional band from the region.

Moinho Cultural (MS)

Founded 15 years ago and sponsored by Vale, the institution assists 360 children and adolescents from the cities of Corumbá and Ladário, Mato Grosso do Sul, and from the Bolivian border towns of Puerto Suarez and Puerto Quijarro. Its eight-year education program offers school support, heritage education, as well as music, dance, and language classes. The project has trained more than 20,000 children and young people and led to the creation of Companhia de Dança do Pantanal
(Pantanal Dance Company);

Promotion of Concert Music

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Vale Music Program creates a collaborative teaching and learning network across the musical projects sponsored by Vale. This happens through exchanges between students and teachers, classes with musicians from partner orchestras, and arts residencies.  Currently, 150 professionals and 1,000 students participate in the program. During exchanges, students attend workshops, practical classes, and master classes – the latter taught directly by experts. Vale sponsors the project and involved orchestras in compliance with the Federal Law for Cultural Incentive.

Learn more about the work fronts of the program:

  • Exchanges

    The actions will be conducted by teachers of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and Ouro Preto Orchestra. There are classes divided by vocal range, instrument masterclasses, in addition to workshops on orchestra formation and concert music.

  • Musical Residencies

    Students who excel throughout the program will spend a qualifying period with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra in Rio de Janeiro or with Orquestra Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais.

  • Vale Music Hub

    Creation of musical hubs in Vale's territories of interest, through training of local teachers and incentives to development of local musical talents.

About the Participating Orchestras

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra(OSB)

Founded in 1940, OSB is recognized as one of the country’s most important symphonic groups. The Orchestra has performed over 5,000 concerts in its 79 years of uninterrupted operation. It was the first orchestra to tour in Brazil and abroad, featuring artists such as Nelson Freire, Arnaldo Cohen, and Antônio Meneses. Other talented conductors and composers who have performed with OSB include Heitor Villa-Lobos, Francisco Mignone, Arthur Rubinstein, Igor Stravinsky, Zubin Mehta, and Kurt Masur.

Currently composed of more than 70 Brazilian and foreign musicians, OSB offers a regular schedule of concerts, special presentations, and educational actions. Its activities are supported by the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture – Vale as one of its sponsors –, and by several cultural and institutional entities.

Ouro Preto Orchestra (OOP)

Created in 2000, OOP is formed by 20 musicians and led by artistic director and chief conductor Rodrigo Toffolo. This nationally recognized, award winning orchestra has performed in the main concert halls in Brazil and abroad, and is considered one of the most prestigious orchestral formations in the country.

With a view to build and expand its audience, OPP offers a permanent programming and develops a repertoire categorized by music genres and period of time. Eleven works have been recorded on CD and seven on DVD. Released in 2007, the debut album, Latinidades, was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards, and Valencianas: Alceu Valença and Ouro Preto Orchestra won the Brazilian Music Award in 2015.

How to Join the Program

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Registration opens every year. Children and adolescents who study in the public school system or have a scholarship in private schools from predefined regions in each locality may be enrolled. Initiation in music or knowledge of musical instrument is not required. This process is free of charge. More information is disclosed in each location during the registration period.