Daily activities at
Ponta da Madeira

Every day, millions of tons of ore pass through Ponta da Madeira. See here how the port with the highest ore transports in Brazil works.

How it works

The arrival of the ore

The Ponta da Madeira Maritime Terminal receives iron ore and manganese from the mining province of Carajás via the Carajás Railway.

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From the railway car to the stockyard

Railway cars containing the ore are placed on a platform that rotates approximately 180 degrees. The cargo passes through a system of conveyor belts that takes it to the stockyards.

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At the stockyards, the ore is organized using stackers.

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And onto the ship

A piece of equipment called a reclaimer moves the ore from the stockyard towards the ships at an average speed of 8,000 tons per hour.

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A ride to the ship

The ore is then taken to the ship loaders via conveyor belt.

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Well stored

Another piece of equipment is then used. The ore is transported into the hold using ship loaders.

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And to the world!

Loaded with iron ore and manganese, the ship heads out to our consumers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.