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Black Awareness Day in Brazil: Understand how it evolved, its importance and how Vale works to be an increasingly diverse and inclusive company

During Black Awareness Month, Vale reinforces its global commitment to combat racism. To promote racial equity is one of the priorities of our company. After all, as the American philosopher and activist Angela Y. Davis said: “It's not enough non-racist, we have to be anti-racist.”

When recognizing the 50th annual Black Awareness Day in Brazil, we highlight the meaning and the importance of this date: November 20.

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How did Black Awareness Day in Brazil begin?

In the 1970s, a group of quilombolas from Rio Grande do Sul declared that November 20 would be celebrated as Black Awareness Day in Brazil. This date was chosen to honour Zumbi, the leader of the largest of all quilombos, Palmares, who died on November 20, 1965.

The representation of the day has gained strength since 1978, when the Unified Black Movement emerged in our country and transformed into a national movement.

November 20 upholds the memory of the struggle of enslaved Black peoples who rebelled against the slave system of that time. It is not a day for celebration, but a day for reflection and awareness.

Understand how Vale has been contributing to this goal

At Vale, we do not tolerate any kind of jokes, verbal aggression, negative exposure or discrimination due to any kind of difference. These attitudes violate our Code of Conduct, our values and our Human Rights Policy.

Vale’s purpose is to improve life and transform the future. Together. We are becoming an increasingly diverse, equitable and inclusive company. Check out some of our progress:

Racial Literacy

We invite experts in the ethnic-racial agenda to sessions with our employees to broaden our repertoire and deepen our knowledge about structural racism and its impacts on society and organizations.

Learning Journey

We have promoted awareness campaigns and educational actions by means of webinars, training and content on the Valer Digital platform. The company has evolved by creating spaces for debates on the history of society.

Recent Graduates Program:

In addition to gender equity, Vale's program prioritized the hiring of Black professionals. 66% of the 144 trainees in Brazil are Black, which totals 95 professionals.

Adhesion to MOVER

The Racial Equity Movement (MOVER) is an initiative that unites more than 45 large national and multinational companies. Joint efforts with other signatory companies enhances our goal to build a fairer society with equal opportunities for Black men and women. Learn more (only in Portuguese).

Watch our Manifesto for Anti-racism:

See some of our employees having important reflections on anti-racism:

Go to our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Report.

Black Awareness Day in Brazil: Understand how it evolved, its importance and how Vale works to be an increasingly diverse and inclusive company