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Career Center gives tips on how to build your career plan at Vale

Who has never stopped to think about how to build a career in the company? It was from this questioning that Vale created the Career Center, a digital space that brings together content, tools and initiatives that help employees in building a career plan in the mining company.

The proposal is for him to understand, initially, the concept of career. And, from there, learn how to manage his own professional trajectory.

The space promotes lectures and roundtable discussions on various themes related to the career, as well as a virtual library, which brings together tips from books, articles, videos, guides, interviews, testimonials of employees and studies on career and market. The Vale’s Career Center also offers a career counseling service, which allows the scheduling of conversations with counselors for support and reflection on issues related to the employee’s reality and new possibilities.

The Career Fairs are also part of the space, with information on events that may broaden the employee’s knowledge and diversify the network of relationship with their coworkers. The Vale’s Career Center also has an area of available internal vacancies, as well as the Career in Motion space, which brings together all the employees’ movements in leadership positions.

What is career evolution for Vale?

In the past, the professional career was exclusively linked to the position held by the employee and the length of service in the company. Everything was set based on the length of service and promotions, preferably in the same company.

Today, the professional career is different. It is more linked to the employee’s behavior, to his accumulated knowledge, to the experiences he has had, and to the people he has met along the way. It is all a matter of study, experience and networking.

Are you an employee at Vale or do you want to work for the company? Here are some tips to build your mining career plan:

  • Work in different areas
  • Change roles within your own team
  • Expand the scope of work
  • Take a business trip
  • Search for continuous feedback
  • Learn continuously
  • Participate in projects
  • Always be aware of what happens in the profession, including outside Vale
  • Change job position
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Career Center gives tips on how to build your career plan at Vale