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CEO of Vale in Indonesia is elected one of the most inspiring women by Forbes

In the picture, Febriany is smiling. She is wearing a green dress with white polka dots. The image is applied next to light green, dark green and yellow color blocks, and next to it is the logo 'Indonesia Forbes. Inspiring Women 2022.'

The Inspiring Women edition of Forbes Indonesia featured Febriany Eddy, CEO of Vale in Indonesia, among the five most inspiring women in the country. The publication highlighted personalities from different areas who made contributions to society and included Febriany as a symbol of female empowerment and an active role for sustainability in the world.

In April, Indonesia celebrated Kartin Day, which commemorates the birth of Raden Ajeng Kartini – an Indonesian activist who is a symbol of empowerment and defender of women’s rights and education in the country. In her profile on Linkedin, Febriany said it was “an honor and privilege to be in this selection”. She encouraged everyone to participate in global efforts to contain the advances of climate change.

“Each one of us, no matter what role we play in our society, can play an active role in helping to address climate change. Together we are stronger and better. Let’s work together to create more positive impacts for our people, community and planet!”

As a historical fact, Febriany was also among the 27 leading women in the “Top Sustainability Superwomen Asia” ranking in 2019. The ranking was promoted by the non-profit project CSRWorks International, which recognized contributions from women leaders who promote change in the world.


CEO of Vale in Indonesia is elected one of the most inspiring women by Forbes