Volunteering Day at Vale should benefit mroe than 12 thousand people throughout Brazil

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Volunteering Day at Vale should benefit mroe than 12 thousand people throughout Brazil

On December 5th, the International Volunteer Day is celebrated. To celebrate the date, Vale will gather employees throughout Brazil in several initiatives in the communities where it operates. It is called V Day, Volunteering Day at Vale, which, this year, will happen on December 2nd and 3rd. Activities are defined by local Volunteering Committees.

On the 2016 V Day, more than 4,500 people benefited from 25 actions, which mobilized 880 volunteers. More than 12 thousand people were benefited at the time.

What is the meaning of volunteering?

To participate in a volunteer cause is to donate your time, work and talent to help transform people’s lives, as well as being an exercise in solidarity and empathy. This is the meaning of volunteering.

In Brazil, the National Volunteer Day is celebrated on August 28th. Just like the date proclaimed worldwide by the UN, the day was created to call attention to the meaning of volunteering. The idea is to recognize and highlight the action of people who donate time, labor and talent to causes of social interest and for the good of the community.

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Click here and access the 2016 Vale Volunteers Annual Report

See testimonials of volunteers and beneficiaries who participated in the 2016 V Day:

Space renovated

“It was very gratifying to involve my family in a unique moment like this. The day care was a sad, colorless place. I realized that we can do a lot for these children using little. It was great to participate and get along with everyone who could help. We earn a lot more with this action.”

Regina Ramos, administrative analyst at the Brucutu mine, Minas Centrais complex (MG). She participated, along with her family, in the reform of the day care “Amiguinhos de Jesus” in Barão de Cocais, which serves 50 three-year-old children.

Strength to continue

“I have been attending the Women’s Cancer Network for a year, since I discovered the disease. I am very grateful for all the support provided by the institution, which guides me in relation to the treatment and gives me courage and mood to move on. Surely the food stamps, donated by Vale Volunteers, will help my family a lot”.

Elizabeth Vieira Soares, patient of the institution and one of the people benefited by the V Day. The volunteers from Mato Grosso do Sul delivered food stamps and panettoni to 65 families of patients who are being treated in the Women’s Cancer Network

Diversão garantida

Volunteers of the 2016 V Day in Rio de Janeiro - Photo: Thiago Santos

“Offering a day of fun activities such as dance workshops and martial arts classes makes all the difference in the lives of these children, who in some cases cannot afford a toy”.

Hudson Santos, president of the NGO Amar, in Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro. The Volunteers Committee of South Ports held several workshops, breakfast and lunch for about 80 children, aged 7 to 12 years.

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Volunteering Day at Vale should benefit mroe than 12 thousand people throughout Brazil