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International Day for People with Disabilities: find out what Vale has been doing to include them

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On Dec 3rd was the International Day of People with Disabilities, a date that emerged in 1992, through the United Nations (UN), with the aim of promoting the rights and well-being of people with disabilities in all spheres of society, from political and social to economic and cultural aspects.

People with disabilities face various barriers in society on a daily basis, not only physical, but also those linked to prejudice and lack of opportunities, so talking about this date is essential.

Did you know that discrimination and prejudice against people with disabilities has a name? It's called ableism.

Ableism presents itself in our society in different ways and, at times, it is so deeply rooted that those who do such a thing are not even aware of it. For example, have you ever talked to someone who didn't hear you and you used the expression “are you deaf?”, if so, that was an ableist attitude.

Inclusive journey

Here at Vale, we have been working to build an increasingly diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, all of our vacancies are open to professionals with disabilities, and we always seek to raise awareness among our entire team about the topic.

Watch the episode about Women with Disabilities on the web series Mining By Women

After carrying out, in 2021, a diagnosis of the degree of inclusion of employees with disabilities, who total 2,351 people in Brazil, we started to implement actions ranging from a webcast on the challenges of inclusion of people with disabilities to the creation of exclusive professional training programs for professionals with disabilities and without experience in mining.

In Brazil, our goal is for the percentage of people with disabilities at Vale to reach 5% by the end of 2021, until August this group represented 4.5% of our workforce. To do so, during the year, we carried out attraction campaigns with more than 400 exclusive vacancies for professionals with disabilities, in several Brazilian states.

To learn more about Vale's journey, go to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report.

For Vale, having people with disabilities among its employees is directly linked to the desire to increase diversity among its employees.

Anyone, regardless of characteristics, qualities or deficiencies, can and should apply for any job opportunity offered by the company.

Vale only assesses people's potential and values ​​competence and talent above anything else. Therefore, be sure to check out our careers page for details about Vale's cultural transformation.

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Include To Transform

Vale believes that the transformation journey it has been going through must also be taken outside the company.

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International Day for People with Disabilities: find out what Vale has been doing to include them