MORE Technology and Innovation: meet the new newsletter of Vale

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MORE Technology and Innovation: meet the new newsletter of Vale

How about learning all technology and innovation actions of Vale? What's more: in a single publication, which can be read and shared digitally? On November 27th, Vale released the MORE newsletter . The new publication marks a new positioning of the company in relation to technology and innovation. After all, through it, the whole mining company will have access to the results of the Research & Development (R&D) investments of the company in a broad and structured way.

"Our main purpose is to allow the appropriation and dissemination of information, but above all to generate knowledge based on the results of R&D projects financed by Vale and carried out in partnership with institutions working in science and technology fields."

Luiz Mello, executive manager of Technology and Innovation of Vale and Chief Executive Officer of Vale Institute of Technology (ITV)

The MORE newsletter brings some Research & Development (R&D) projects which impact mine and railroad, in addition to the results achieved. The inaugural issue deals specifically with the concept of open innovation, an innovation model that brings together corporations and the scientific-technological community in search of solutions that allow the company to produce more efficiently, with lower costs and in a sustainable way.

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Longstanding relationship with innovation

The publication of the MORE newsletter reinforces the importance of R&D at Vale. The company is one which invests the most in Research, Development, and Innovation, in order to anticipate solutions, overcome future challenges and ensure that its production processes are increasingly efficient and sustainable.

This relationship began in 1965 and intensified as of 2008, with the creation of the Vale Institute of Technology Department, later called Technology and Innovation Executive Management. Indeed, the strategy of ITV’s is the subject of an article in the MORE newsletter. Vale's active portfolio has over 1,000 patents in 61 countries. You can learn more about it by reading the MORE newsletter.

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MORE Technology and Innovation: meet the new newsletter of Vale