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On World Mental Health Day, Vale reinforces its commitment to promoting emotional well-being


In 1992, the World Health Federation instituted the World Mental Health Day, with the aim of highlighting the importance of such care. October 10 is marked by mobilizations around the world to raise awareness about mental illness and its effects on people's lives. At a time when our lives were profoundly impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vale reinforces its life matters most commitment.

Periodically, we carry out actions and programs exclusively focused on the health and well-being of our employees. In this scenario, the Mines for Minds program was created, which promotes and encourages emotional health care. Through the program's initiatives, Vale seeks to understand the mental and emotional health status of its employees, as well as individual and organizational influencing factors.

The actions are based on three main pillars: an emotional health self-assessment, free emotional support 24 hours a day and training in emotional health. Together, the actions seek to map the psychosocial risks and signs that motivate the early search for help and solutions, taking action in light of these symptoms and creating a comfortable and welcoming environment so that people feel safe to talk about it.

The name of the program was based on these values. The acronym MINES for Minds reflects the program's pillars. Vale structures its projects based on them.

In everyday life, the acronym MINES also represents a simple way to take care of your emotional health and that of others:

  • MONITOR – I check-in daily to assess my emotions, my physical health, and my social relationships.
  • INTERVENE - I practice active genuine care, am present in my conversations, and listen without judgement.
  • NORMALIZE - I am committed to breaking down the stigma around mental health and avoid using negative labels.
  • ENCOURAGE - If I see someone struggling, I encourage them to talk about it and seek help.
  • SUPPORT - I support myself and others in accessing the EAP/EFAP
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On World Mental Health Day, Vale reinforces its commitment to promoting emotional well-being