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Vale announces commitment to lift 500,000 people out of extreme poverty by 2030


Vale presented today (November 29), during Vale Day, an annual meeting with investors and capital market analysts at the New York Stock Exchange, its social ambition: to be a partner company in the development of resilient communities, engaged in relevant issues for humanity and committed to sustainable mining.

To achieve this objective, Vale has defined three social goals for 2030: to be among the three best-positioned companies in the sector in terms of social requirements according to the main external assessments in sustainable mining; lift 500,000 people out of extreme poverty; and collaborate with the indigenous communities neighboring all Vale operations in their plan's preparation and execution, in pursuit of the rights set out in the UN Declaration on the Indigenous Peoples Rights.

Focusing on fighting extreme poverty, Vale wants to contribute to a greater social justice through projects in the education, health and income generation areas via partnerships with other companies, governments and third sector entities. In addition, it wants to contribute to cultures valuing with the respect and promotion of indigenous peoples and traditional communities’ rights.

Thinking of a future leadership that is increasingly diverse and inclusive, Vale has brought forward by five years, to 2025, the goal of achieving 26% female participation in the workforce. Currently, the women percentage at Vale is 18.7%, against 13.5% in 2019, when the company set the goal for women within a global diversity strategy.

In addition, Vale announced that it intends to reach 40% black employees in leadership roles in Brazil by 2026, up from 29%, a number recorded after conducting a self-declaratory census with employees in Brazil. In the last edition of its Trainee Program, for example, Vale selected 95 black professionals. It means that, among 144 trainees hired by the company, 66% declared themselves black professionals at the enrollment moment. Among the 144 hired, 98 are women, which is equivalent to 68% of the class.

"Vale has a history of social engagement and support and a relevant role in the locations where it operates, but we want to do more. To do this, we consider in our social ambition to be a partner that enables development and autonomy of the communities with which se até related based on the education-health-income tripod," says Eduardo Bartolomeo, Vale's president.

“We want to foster alliances and partnerships with companies, governments and the third sector involving actions and structuring programs for the communities where we operate,” comments Maria Luiza Paiva, executive vice-president of Sustainability at Vale.

The social ambition is in line with the New Pact with Society, one of our strategic pillars created after Brumadinho, and it adds up to the environmental agenda, especially the commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that have been signed in 2019 and 2020.

Vale wants to ensure that its actions generate social and environmental value and promote effective, positive post-mining legacies.

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Vale announces commitment to lift 500,000 people out of extreme poverty by 2030