Vale overcomes allocation of resources incentivized in 2017

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Vale overcomes allocation of resources incentivized in 2017

In the last year, the allocation of incentivized resources of Vale Group overcame the total of 2016 related to the Fund for Children and Adolescents (FIA), the Elderly Law, the National Program of Support to Cancer Oncology (PRONON), the National Program to Support the Healthcare of Disabled People (PRONAS/PCD) and to the Sport Law.

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Managed by Vale Foundation, resources transferred totaled R$ 29,440,632.77 million and were directed to municipal councils and non-profit institutions in the company’s areas of influence, surpassing the amount allocated in 2016 of R$ 21,296,348.59 million. The resources will be invested in programs and projects for the care of children, adolescents and the elderly. And also in projects aimed at the rehabilitation of people with disabilities and the prevention and fight against cancer, as well as projects to encourage sports.

A total of 78 institutions have been mapped out to receive the resources, including 34 Children’s Councils, 21 Elderly Councils, six entities active in the field of oncology, ten active in initiatives for people with disabilities and seven that work with sports activities.

What are incentivized resources?

The incentivized resources are renounced by the Federal government, allowing companies to contribute 1% to the Children’s Fund, the Elderly Fund, cancer health projects, rehabilitation health projects and Sports projects, in a total of 5% of these laws.

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Vale overcomes allocation of resources incentivized in 2017