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Women's Month: Check out the editorial by Vale's Executive Director of People

Marina Quental  

The International Women's Day (08) is a date not only to celebrate women's achievements, but also to reflect on the advances that are still needed. During the month of March we brought stories of women who work in our operations, offices and in leadership positions, and who are examples of how we want to be part of this evolution in society. In our company, promoting diversity and inclusion is a basic premise for the sustainability of our business. We seek equity between men and women in a welcoming, respectful and inclusive environment. Increasing the representation of women in the company in all its operations, levels and countries is one of the priorities of this work. For this reason, we have made a commitment to society to double the representation of women in the company by 2030.

One year after Vale launched this goal, the company have already achieved significant results. In 2020, Vale:

Had a 26% increase in women
in its workforce

(totaling 2,393 more women in the company).

Increased the participation of women at Vale's
from 13.5% of our total employees to 16.3%.

Trained more than 500 newly
hired women
 in technical training programs
to work in operational roles in our
operations in Brazil and Canada.

Increased the number of
female frontline miner in Brazil
by 70%
and the number of women supervisors
by 56% across the world.

Increased the number of women
in senior leadership positions by 36%.  

And reduced in 33,5%
the voluntary termination
rate of women.   

To make our environment increasingly attractive to women, Vale has taken a series of initiatives to promote gender equity and an inclusive environment where everyone has opportunities to grow and develop in their careers.

I close by recognizing the talent of all the women who have contributed so much to our company and I invite everyone together to build an increasingly diverse and inclusive environment.

We are changing with the world. Be part of our evolution.

Marina Quental


Soon, we will tell new stories of women who help build a better and more inclusive Vale. A new Mining By Women season is coming soon, with new episodes that will showcase more about the trajectory and daily lives of female employees from different backgrounds, cultures and locations which inspire other women to be part of mining industry.


Women's Month: Check out the editorial by Vale's Executive Director of People