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Testimonials about S11D - Vale


For me, seeing the completed S11D Complex means much more than witnessing a new landmark in the mining industry. Besides featuring cutting-edge technology, low costs and high productivity, the Complex expresses Vale’s ability to make things happen.”

Murilo Ferreira,
Chief Executive Officer, Vale

As soon as we arrived in the municipality, we obtained authorization from Eletronorte to share part of the operation’s power with the municipality until the new transmission line was ready. The constant blackouts are now a thing of the past.”

Leonardo Neves,
S11D’s senior leader for the environment, socioeconomics and land ownership management

The project features technological advances for the mining sector – regarding the mining methodology, the equipment used and its dimensions, and a sophisticated quality control program, which will ensure the production of ore strictly in line with specifications.

To all my colleagues who are taking on the challenges involved in making this giant move forward and then run, I wish you the utmost success in this great enterprise. May the world’s mining books recount the industry’s history as being before and after S11D.”

Galib Chaim,
Former Executive Director for Capital Projects, Vale

The employees took the safety lessons they learned at the company outside of their jobs.”

Charles Ferreira,
líder de Saúde e Segurança na implantação da mina e usina do S11D

As an implementation engineer, I love to see the project’s grandiosity from a technical perspective, but our greatest challenges were certainly social and environmental issues. We prepared ourselves to overcome them and we obtained essential support from the local communities, establishing transparent and constructive relationships. These relationships are clearly continuing as the project starts up.”

Ricardo Saad,
Project Implementation Director, Vale

We wanted a project that would bring down production costs to a level that would let us really compete on an equal footing with the Australians. S11D is a new operating level, a turning point in Vale’s history. It is a cultural change,” states”

Jamil Sebe,
was incharge of the project’s implementation and is now Vale’s executive manager of pelletizing operations in Oman.

S11D leaves a great environmental legacy due to the many mitigation measures, such as the ecological corridor, the restoration of forest areas, the planting of native trees, the re-establishment of forest connectivity, and monitoring of local fauna and flora species. Research was also conducted in the area, which enabled the project to be implemented based on deep knowledge of the region’s environmental heritage.”

Fernando Difranco,
Environmental leader for the project’s implementation stage

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