Examples of Employee Support

Employee Support

Examples of Employee Support


Vale employees are dedicated – to their work, their families and their communities. So whenever a local organization needs help, our employees areA group of Vale employees presenting the folks at Jimmy Pratt Soup Kitchen with a large, novelty cheque

among the first to step up to the plate. We know that together we can make our world a better place. 

Here are just a few examples of how Vale employees are making a difference.

In St. John’s, members of the Exploration team spent a day making coffee, serving meals and cleaning up at the Jimmy Pratt Soup Kitchen. The group also donated $1,000, which bought eight turkeys, vegetables and bread for the weekly lunch.
A large group of Vale employees at a bowling alley
In Toronto, volunteers from the finance department and the corporate affairs department bought food, cooked and served up a sumptuous a meal for 80 families at Ronald McDonald House and cleaned up afterwards.

​In Sudbury, employees participated in the 25th annual Edgar Burton Christmas Food Drive by filling the smelter’s six-foot-tall matte ladles (after cleaning and sanitizing, of course!) with food for those in need. 

In Thompson, two project geologists hold an annual croquet tournament and barbeque to raise funds for the Thompson Humane Society. In 2012, about 70 people donated a total of $1,200 and a truckload of animal food and pet supplies.​​​​