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Picture every person you know working to protect biodiversity. Picture all of these people acknowledging the impacts of their small, daily actions. Picture our planet thriving because a new generation of leaders is mindful about its health. At Earth Rangers we imagine this every day. We believe children can make it a reality.

We all get busy and forget how our daily actions affect the world around us. We forget that, while important, we’re just one part of a huge ecosystem. Children don’t – they’re passionate about protecting life on earth. When they learn how their behaviours can help, they don’t ignore them, they act. Earth Rangers provides children with the opportunity to protect animals, to improve the environment and to make a difference. We are the Kids’ Conservation Organization.​

Earth Rangers Ambassador2017 Update 

This school year, Earth Rangers marked Canada’s 150th birthday with an exciting presentation that celebrates this country’s incredible natural heritage. By highlighting the major strides Canadians have taken to protect everything from the tiniest insect to the vast boreal forest, the program instills a sense of pride and appreciation for the land we all call home. But most importantly, students leave the presentation inspired and confident in the role they can play in continuing Canada’s legacy of conservation. To view the 2017 School Assembly Report, click here​