Sustainable Mining

Sustainable Mining

Sustainable Mining

​Vale is an active member in the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and voluntary participant in the association’s initiative called Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM).

This initiative aims to improve the industry’s performance by aligning its actions with the priorities and values of Canadians. TSM provides a way of finding common ground with communities of interest in order to build a better mining industry, today and in the future.

TSM is based on a set of guiding principles that are, in turn, supported by performance elements and indicators.

Currently, Vale and its fellow Canadian mining companies measure four TSM performance indicators:

  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management
  • External Outreach
  • Tailings Management

MAC gathers members’ performance reports and releases them to the public in the annual TSM report. MAC is currently developing additional guidance on performance with respect to biodiversity conservation, aboriginal affairs, and safety and health performance. 

More detailed information can be found at the Towards Sustainable Mining website.