Health and Safety

Health and Safety

​At Vale, we go to work every day, dedicated to creating safer, healthier workplaces. 

We know our work sites are potentially hazardous places. Our jobs involve:

  • Digging tunnels deep into the earth,
  • Driving trucks taller than a two-storey house,
  • Crushing rock into marble-sized pellets, and
  • Melting metal in huge furnaces.

If something goes wrong, it affects not just our worksite and our employees, but everyone around us. But we believe that by working together, we can better keep our workplaces safe.

We are working collaboratively with all levels of management, our employees, the United Steelworkers, our contractors and industry associations to build an effective culture of risk management. Our goal: Absolutely zero harm – to our people, our workplaces, our communities and the environment. We believe that responsible risk management is everyone’s job.

In Vale’s Canadian Operations, SafeProduction is the foundation for our risk management culture. By its name, SafeProduction demonstrates the essential integration of working safely and productively.  This program was collaboratively adopted at our operations in Thompson, Manitoba, and following the success experienced there, is being introduced right across our Canadian sites. Occupational health and environmental stewardship are equally important to SafeProduction.

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