​clean aer project Clean AER Project

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Clean AER Project

​​Vale has completed its CAD $1 billion Clean AER (Atmospheric Emissions Reduction) Project. The Project, which began construction in 2012, has reduced SO2 emissions from Vale's Copper Cliff Smelter by 85% and metals particulate emissions by 40% from previous levels.

These emission reductions reflect how far we have come both as a company and a community in terms of environmental stewardship and regreening our local landscape. In fact, the Clean AER Project reduced emissions so significantly that our iconic Superstack was no longer required and the construction of two smaller and more efficient stacks were commissioned. The steel liners of the new stacks were installed in 2019, allowing for the Superstack to be decommissioned in 2020. With the completion of the Clean AER Project, the natural gas burners in the Superstack were turned off resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the Smelter by 40%.

The Clean AER project included the installation of converters in the Smelter, a Wet Gas Cleaning Plant and a Secondary Baghouse and Fan building.

SO2 Emissions Reductions

The chart below outlines Vale’s reduction in sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions since the 1970s.