Our Sudbury Operations have been in operation for more than 100 years. With five mines, a mill, a smelter, a refinery and nearly 4,000 employees it is also one of the largest integrated mining complexes in the world. Our products include nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold and silver. 

If you have any questions or concerns about Vale’s Sudbury Operations, please call us on our Community Concerns Line at (705) 222-VALE (8253), for 24 hour service, seven days of the week.  Or, email us at:

Read on for the latest updates from Vale in Sudbury.

Our Community


You can consult our 2018 annual                  The Clean AER Project is the largest                The latest update on the Spanish & 
Report to the Community here                     environmental investment in Sudbury’s            Vermilion Water Management Plan       ​                                                                        history                                               

Our Environment

At Vale, we are committed to environmental sustainability. In fact, our Sudbury Operations are internationally recognized for progressive environmental reclamation and emissions reduction initiatives. Read more about our commitment to preserving local Air, Water, and Land and view some of our highlighted environmental projects below.

Health and SafetyOur Health & Safety​


With every business decision we make, we first consider our value of “Life Matters Most.” It’s about using our safety protocols, tools and procedures so that we manage risk in our workplace to a level that ensures we all go HomeSafe at the end of every shift.

Read more about our ongoing health and safety initiatives​ and some key highlights below.​ 

​+ Ontario Operations HomeSafe Program  

We believe in zero harm – to our people, our workplaces, the communities in which we operate and the natural environment. We all have a part to play in reaching our goal of zero harm through HomeSafe. 

+ Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan​

Vale maintains a robust and multi-faceted emergency response program. Although unlikely, an emergency is a situation or a set of circumstances which, if not promptly eliminated, controlled, or contained, could result in harm to people, property or the environment. Emergency plans and procedures are developed, in consultation with the workforce, to safeguard our employees and the community from hazards dangerous to their safety and health.


Learn how to “ACT” during the unlikely event of a hazardous material release.​​