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Continuous Improvement: The Superstack to be taken out of service



It’s difficult to imagine the Sudbury skyline without the iconic Superstack. A fixture of the city since the early 70s and the second tallest chimney in the world at 1,205 feet, the Superstack has been a part of the Greater Sudbury skyline for almost 50 years.
However, due to the significant reduction of atmospheric emissions at Vale’s operations in Sudbury, Ontario, Vale will be taking the Superstack out of service in the first quarter of 2020. It will be replaced by two smaller, more efficient 450-foot stacks. Learn more
Construction of the new smaller stacks will begin early in 2017 and will take approximately two years to complete. Vale will continue to maintain the Superstack while we study how best to safely and carefully demolish its concrete shell. There is no immediate need for the shell to be demolished and it is expected to remain a part of the Sudbury skyline for several years to come.


“Taking the Superstack out of service is a great symbol of how far Vale has come  in terms of shrinking our environmental footprint and making Greater Sudbury a better  place to work and live.”

   – Stuart Harshaw, Vice President of Ontario Operations

The two smaller and more efficient stacks will require far less energy to operate than the Superstack, which will contribute to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from Vale’s Copper Cliff Smelter by approximately 40%. At the same time, Vale’s Clean AER Project will reduce particulate emissions by 40% and dramatically reduce SO2 emissions by 85%.

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