Clean AER

Clean AER

​​Vale’s Clean AER Project is the largest single environmental investment in the history of Sudbury. The $1 billion investment will reduce sulphur dioxide by 85% from current levels and metals and particulate emissions by 35 to 40%. 

AER stands for stands for “Atmospheric Emissions Reduction”, which simply means cleaner air. Following the completion of the project, Vale’s total sulphur dioxide emissions will be reduced from 150 kilotonnes currently to approximately 20 kilotonnes per year. This reduction is in addition to the 90% reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions Vale has incorporated since 1970.

By reducing natural gas consumption and modifying certain processes, the Clean AER Project will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, from 270 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide to 150 kilotonnes by 2020.

The Clean AER Project will ensure a cleaner environment and Vale’s long- term sustainability and employment in the Sudbury basin for decades to come. 

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