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Vale delivers one more segment of Carajás Railroad

Opened in 1986, the Ponta da Madeira Maritime Port has already completed 30 years of operation. It is located on the coast of Maranhão, in São Marcos Bay, in São Luís. In Terminal, ores with the best possible quality are shipped, uniting two main factors for excellence in a vessel of this type of material: production and safety. See below some fun facts about Ponta da Madeira Maritime Terminal:


It is the national leader in cargo handling ranking. Ponta da Madeira Terminal is one of the main assets of Vale, and one of the most important iron and manganese ore shipping terminals in the world.
Its size is equal to three Maracanã stadiums, with 600,000 m2
It will be the world’s largest port in 2018
It directs the ore produced by Vale to Europe, Asia and Middle East. China, South Korea, Netherlands, Japan, Oman and Italy are the main importing countries
600,000 tons: the amount of ore that was originally shipped in 1 year, and is now shipped in just 1 day
1 week: time that was required to load a ship of 127,000 tons, when the work started in 1986.
30 hours: the time it currently takes to load a ship of 300,000 tons
150 million tons per year: the current export capacity of the Terminal
230 million tons per year: it will be its shipping capacity in 2020. Which means, 1/3 of the whole volume exported by Brazil.
It receives iron and manganese ore from the mineral province of Carajás (PA) through the Carajás Railroad, where about 35 compositions circulate simultaneously. One of them is one of the largest freight trains in regular operation in the world, with 330 cars and 3.3 kilometers long.

The history and importance of Ponta da Madeira Maritime Port can be seen in a video, celebrating the 30 years of terminal operation. The video shows the size of Ponta da Madeira, the process of ore shipment on vessels, the operation of the Carajás Railroad that takes the ore to the port, among other fun facts. Click on the image below and watch the video:

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Vale delivers one more segment of Carajás Railroad