Be yourself – Tip is the title of a letter released by a Vale's Head of HR in Canada about LGBTQIA+ Pride

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Be yourself – Tip is the title of a letter released by a Vale's Head of HR in Canada about LGBTQIA+ Pride

We celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride during the month of June. Vale values the individuality of each person because it is aware that the differences enrich everyone’s life and promote an environment of respect where everyone can express their identity without fear of discrimination. These values are presented in the company's guides, policies, and media; and we want to share them with society. To celebrate this important date, Vale's Head of HR in Canada, Francinne Hansen, wrote us a letter. Check it out (the full letter) below.

Be Yourself….

Being my authentic self and living an authentic life is a journey I began over 20 years ago. At the age of 32, I finally found the courage to look deep inside and be honest with myself and those nearest and dearest to me, in sharing that I am gay. This was a very important moment of truth in my life. This journey is one I continue to pursue each and every day.

While declaring my homosexuality was important to me in being able to lead a happy and authentic life, what has been amazing along my journey, is that while we all bring differences (ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, education, experiences, etc.) to the organization, it is what learn about each other in terms of our commonality that is what truly connects and unites us.

Over the last two decades, I have been fortunate to have worked with organizations where their values aligned with mine in terms of encouraging people to be their authentic selves. You see, I hold a strong belief that if people are living an authentic life at work and at home, then we get the best of ourselves from each other.

This strongly held belief is why, when I was going through the recruitment and selection process last year with Vale, I purposely and directly asked about Vale’s values and whether or not there was any concern or issue with me being an out and proud gay woman. Knowing that Vale operates in many parts of the world where gay rights are not yet human rights, I was concerned that this might not be the right organization for me if I wanted to continue to be my authentic self and live an authentic life.

I am delighted to share with you, that when I asked this question of both Maria Gurgel and Marina Quental, they immediately and unequivocally said, “Fran please absolutely be yourself. We need more diversity and we need to get better as an organization in recognizing and leveraging difference to create truly inclusive work environments.” I am one year in and am loving the people, the work and the opportunity to make Vale a truly inclusive and great company to be part of.

This week we’re kicking off the International month of LGBTI Pride. Pride is all about equality and acceptance. It’s about embracing our true selves and living our authentic lives - regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ability, ethnicity, religion and so on. So while we take a moment to celebrate the value our differences bring to each other, our teams and the broader organization, let us also reflect on how the acceptance of these differences enable us to connect in a real and authentic way, where we discover we actually have much more in common than what sets us apart.

Stay safe, have fun and live your authentic life!

Happy Pride everyone, Francinne

Be yourself – Tip is the title of a letter released by a Vale's Head of HR in Canada about LGBTQIA+ Pride