International Day for Biological Diversity – Ten Vale’s Initiatives Focused on Nature Preservation

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International Day for Biological Diversity – Ten Vale’s Initiatives Focused on Nature Preservation

The International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated this Friday (22). It is a very important issue and is widely addressed in Vale's strategy because, in addition to managing a large environmental conservation area, the company has several policies and initiatives aimed at care, management, and conservation of biodiversity; that is, guidelines from the planning of entering new territories to the final design of the projects.

Vale knows that its operations affect natural habitats; thus, the company is always looking for technologies and methods that cause the least possible interference with the environment. Also, the Vale aims to act as a global catalyst for protection of the natural environment and reforestation, leaving a positive legacy. Check out below some of the company's initiatives aimed at the conservation of the environment and its species.

We protect or help protect an area of 8,500 km², which is almost 5.6 times greater than the total area occupied by the company's operating units.


We maintain 21 Private Natural Heritage Reserves in the Iron Quadrangle region of Minas Gerais. These areas play an important role in the conservation of remnants representative of the transitional area between the biomes of the Atlantic Forest and Brazilian savanna, which are home to more than 70 endangered species of flora and fauna.


Vale Natural Reserve, in Espírito Santo, is home to more than 3,000 species of plants, 401 species of birds, 1,500 insects, and 102 mammals. This area is visited by over 30 thousand people per year and has already developed more than 240 research projects.

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In Brazil, we have three botanical gardens dedicated to the conservation of biodiversitythey are open to the public and offer several environmental education activities.

Access the page of the Zoo and Botanical Park in Carajás

Access the page of the Botanical Garden in Vitória

Access the São Luís Botanical Garden page


Vale Fund has already contributed to the implementation and consolidation of more than 279,000km² of conservation units, in six Amazonian states.

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The important cooperation between UNESCO and Vale Fund on the Amazon coast aims to develop and strengthen the sustainable production chain of artisanal fishing. The initiative has already benefited 30 communities through support, workshops, and partnerships.


We also support the Friends of the Humpback project, in Espírito Santo, which aims to promote a closer relationship between society and whales through scientific, educational, and cultural actions. More than 6,000 people have joined the actions of this project

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Vale invests heavily in scientific research focusing on Biodiversity. The Vale Institute of Technology (ITV, Instituto Tecnológico Vale), for example, comprises a team of almost 100 researchers dedicated to issues such as biodiversity, ecosystem services, water resources, socio-economy, land occupation and use, climate change, and genomics of the landscape.

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We actively contribute to scientific progress. The ITV project, for instance, uses the DNA barcoding methodology, which consists of implementing a DNA barcode and uploading it to a digital platform for identification of living beings. The use of this technology streamlines the identification of plants and animals as well as enables studying species that are difficult to identify.


Our goal is to recover 100 thousand hectares of degraded areas by 2030.


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These are some examples of Vale's initiatives aimed at biodiversity conservation, but there are many more. You can learn more about Vale's activities by browsing our website. Check out below some links with more information.

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International Day for Biological Diversity – Ten Vale’s Initiatives Focused on Nature Preservation