Indonesia: Vale Continues to Support the Government in Handling COVID-19

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Indonesia: Vale Continues to Support the Government in Handling COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemy striking the world today has had a great impact on various aspects of human life. PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (PT Vale) sees the impact and threats caused by the pandemy to the human safety, as well as to its business continuity. Therefore, PT Vale has organized various measures to prevent and handle the impact of the outbreak, particularly around the Company's operational areas.

In addition to the internal measures and policies implemented during the pandemy, PT Vale is providing support for stakeholders in handling the Covid-19. PT Vale is coordinating with the Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force (GTPP) at the provincials, districts and sub-district levels around its operational areas in South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.

PT Vale is providing assistance to the government for any programs of Covid-19 handling. With the support of Vale Global, PT Vale has prepared a budget of USD 2.8 million or around IDR 45 billion to support the Government and the community in overcoming the Covid-19.

"We are committed to provide assistance in order to help the government and the community in handling this pandemy in their areas. The company has also taken various rapid measures in distributing essential assistance to the government and the community to prevent the spread of the virus. At Sorowako, we have also prepared Covid-19 services at Inco Hospital. We prepare special care and isolation wards for suspects and patients of Covid-19, including preparing extra medical personnel," explained PT Vale's CEO Nico Kanter.

Gradually, PT Vale distributes assistance to the local government and GTPP Covid-19 in the form of a variety of logistics for the needs of medical personnel in pandemic response activities. PT Vale's donations are given in several forms:

  • Ambulance for handling COVID-19 patients at hospitals
  • Personal protective equipment for health workers, in the form of:
    1. medical rubber gloves
    2. anti hazardous materials
    3. N95 mask
    4. surgical mask
    5. medical google
    6. medical boots
  • Thermo guns
  • Rapid test tool
  • Ventilator (breathing apparatus)
  • Hospital beds

PT Vale assistance are being given to the COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Task Forces (GTPP) around PT Vale's operational areas, namely:

  • GTPP COVID-19 South Sulawesi Province
  • GTPP COVID-19 Southeast Sulawesi Province
  • GTPP COVID-19 Central Sulawesi Province
  • GTPP COVID-19 East Luwu Regency
  • GTPP COVID-19 Kolaka Regency
  • GTPP COVID-19 Morowalli Regency
  • Several hospitals in these locations
  • Some community health centers

"We expect to provide significant aids required in handling the COVID-19 outbreak. PT Vale is committed to continue proper coordination so that we are able to support the Government and community efforts in overcoming Corona," said Nico Kanter.


Indonesia: Vale Continues to Support the Government in Handling COVID-19